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Karachi AC Service PAKISTAN – Installation, Repair, Service and Maintenance. Furthermore, we also specialize in air quality systems for all your home or business comfort needs.

Most of all you can take comfort knowing the same smiling face will show up at your door who you can trust each time.

In addition, we will always give you the highest standard in our workmanship, equipment and the resulting final appearance of everything we do. We give you a guaranteed professional care with your property throughout the job, and a noteworthy satisfaction of our final clean up.

Since we begin working on your job, we will always take the time to explain you exactly what is happening with your AC, as a result you can make an informed decision.

AC Service in Karachi – Karachi AC Service

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  • Quick response time for any AC repair, installation, and service
  • We treat your property, your residence, and your wallet like our own
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Karachi AC Service – Best Inverter AC’s in Karachi

Here is the list of best inverter ac in Karachi 2020, this will also have info about best inverter AC price in Karachi.

Gree 18CITH12 – DC Inverter Air Conditioner
Kenwood KES-1220S – Split Inverter AC
Haier Air Conditioner HSU-12LT T-Series
Orient Ultron Classic DC Inverter AC – 1.5 Ton

Want to Know more about DC Inverter AC ? Just Scroll Down !

What is DC Inverter AC?

Want to understand what’s dc inverter ac and the way ac inverter works? please check out the details given below.

Inverter technology (DC) is the latest technology concerning the electrical motors of the compressors. An Inverter is used to manage the speed of the compressor motor, so on continuously regulate the temperature.

Inverter technology converts the incoming AC current to DC then through a modulation in an electrical inverter produces a current of the required frequency.

The inverter air con units have increased efficiency in contraction to traditional air conditioners, extended lifetime of their parts and therefore the sharp fluctuations within the load are eliminated.

This makes the inverter AC units quieter, with lower operating expenses and with fewer broke downs. The inverter AC units could be costlier than the constant speed air conditioners, but this is often balanced by lower energy bills. The payback time is approximately two years counting on the usage.

Why Inverter AC Is Better Than Non-Inverter?

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between inverter and non-inverter AC? Take a glance at the highest 5 advantages of inverters that make them better than non-inverters.

Eco Friendly

The biggest difference between inverter and non-inverter AC is that the incontrovertible fact that the motor of the inverter compressor features a variable speed. The speed of the non-inverter compressor is fixed.

This means that it operates either at full or minimum speed. A censor within the inverter adjusts the facility consistent with the temperature within the room, lowering the electrical consumption and saving energy.

Saving money

Due to the subtle operational method of the invertor, its compressor doesn’t work on its full capacity all the time. 

More quite sound

As the compressor motor of the inverter air conditioning doesn’t activate and off all the time but keeps performing at low power, the operation is more quite.

Longer life

The technology of the inverters not only makes cooling more efficient, but it also makes the AC life better.

Faster Cooling/Heating

Last but not least, the inverter AC is in a position to chill or heat your room faster than the non-inverter. At the beginning of the process, the inverter uses more power than the non-inverter and diminishes the power when it gets close to the desired temperature.

How Much Power an Inverter Ac Will Consume?

Inverter AC Power Consumption is usually supported by your usage and temperature you set per day.

Below given values are completely supported by the branded and non branded inverter ACs our experts have tested over the past. The place where they have been tested has an ambient temperature of 35–40 in summers accompanied by rain and humidity.

For example, if you’ve got set it to 16 C it’ll consume 220Volts 6–7 Amperes ( 1.32Kw-1.5kw)

You run it for five hours daily for a whole month you’ll have 190–225 units added in utility bill

If you set it to 25C it’ll start with >0Amps and slowing get up to 1.32Kw-1.5kw then upon reaching 25c (which is simpler to realize in20 a closed room) it will drop down to 1.6–3 Amperes (300W-660W)

If you run it in the above condition a day for five hours, you’ll have 45–105 units added to your bill

Multiply the units by your utility per cost and taxes and this is often what it’s getting to cost you.

Straight 75% + savings are expected provided you run it efficiently and as needed, inverter ac heating consumption.

How to Use inverter AC?

The compressor in an Inverter Based Air Conditioner is controlled by a variable frequency drive. The speed of compressor is directly proportional to the Temperature settings.

To get the simplest out of an Inverter based AC set it to 25C. By the way where I live it is mostly hot and humid.

Here are the facility consumption readings I got from using different Inverter AC of various brands.

1.5T – Temperature Set to 25C – Starting at 0Amp rising slowly up to 7–8 Amps (1.7KW) – After 10 minutes (Closed room) the consumption dropped to 4Amps (920W)
1T – Temperature Set to 25C – Starting at 0Amp rising slowly up to 5 Amps (1.15KW) – After 10 minutes (Closed room) the consumption dropped to 2–3Amps (500W)

There might be different time period of cooling and consumption recorded by different people.

I say turn it on 10–20 minutes before you would need it. Many of those ACs are giving options for ON and OFF timings. Set it to 25C. Sleep. Wake. Turn it off.

How we satisfy our Customers?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority resulting in our recognized customer satisfaction record is second to none. Furthermore, our trained staff will always go the extra mile to get the results right and until you are 100% satisfied. Our experienced, certified staff can repair and service any brand of the air conditioner in Karachi.

Call us today at our Helpline: 0345-2533553 and discover our Karachi AC Service and feel the difference. With one call you can have all your air conditioning, installation, or need for AC repair in Karachi taken care of with our fast and friendly service at highly affordable pricing.